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Mr. Ashok Doshi
Founding Partner (India)

Mr. Ashok Doshi runs a successful family business since 1960. Gujarat Bolt Nut Company owned by Mr. Doshi is pioneer in industrial supply since 1960’s. During his work there he has expanded business more than 100 folds since inception.

Mr. Doshi holds wide interest in music and arts.
Mr. Hemal Doshi
Co-Founder & Managing Partner (Global)

Mr. Doshi has been working in Power Industry for over a decade. Mr. Doshi began working as energy auditor for Department of Energy (USA). He was then involved in the design and implementation of various projects during deregulation of Utility Industry in Texas, United States. He has been involved in ground up work for implementing solutions for automated meter reading, management of interval data, grid management and demand forecasting. Mr. Doshi has been working directly with power producers to help them implement strategy for deregulation and positioning them in market. During this process he has worked closely with ERCOT (Energy reliability council of Texas). He as member for TDTWG (Texas Data Transfer Working Group) played role in formulating data transfer protocol for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Mr. Doshi holds a B. E. in Production Engineering from Bhavnagar Engineering College in Bhavnagar, India, a M.S. in Systems Engineering from University of Florida, with a specialization in Large Scale System Integration and holds MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from University of Texas at Dallas. Mr. Doshi is currently involved in Renewable Energy sector.
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